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The malayalam film director who recived Dada Sahib Phalke Award:... A)Adoor Gopalakrishnan B)Mohanlal C)Mammootty D)Ramu Kariat. Ans:A

The country which implemented postal stamp first:...A)India B)England C)China D)Japan

Crescograph : Instrument used to record the growth of plants.

Compass Needle : For knowing approximately the north-south direction of a place.

Cinematograph : Instrument used to reflect the image of picture on a screen.

Colorimeter : For comparing intensities of colour.

Cardiogram : Instrument used to trace .the movements of hearts.

Commutator : An instrument to change or reverse the direction of an electric current.

Largest library....Ans:United States Library of Congress

Largest animal....Ans:Blue whale

Largest land animal....Ans:The African Bush Elephant

Largest democracy....Ans:India

Largest electorate.....Ans:India

Largest park....Ans:Wood Buffalo National Park (Canada)

Largest canal....Ans:Kell Canal in Germany

Largest inland sea....Ans:Mediterranean sea

Largest river island ....Ans:Majuli (Assam)

Largest zoo.....Ans:Krtigal National Park (South Africa)

Chairman of the Palnning Commission of india:...a) President,b) Prime Minister,c Vice-President,d) Finance Minister.....Ans:B

'Road to Mecca' was written by:...a) Mohammed Pickthale,b) Mohammed Assad,c) Hikmathiar,d) Ameer ....And:B

The art form of 'Yaksha Ganam' is widely seen:...a) Alapuzha,b) Palakkad,c) Idukki,d) Kasargod.....Ans:D

Permissible noise level at day and night in residential area:...a) 3S DB-30 DB,b) 15 DB-20 DB,c) 55 DB-40 DB,d) 50 DO-75 DB.....Ans:C

Taj Mahal at Agra is in danger' News report this is due to pollution. The main cause for the pollution is:...a)Hydrogen,b)Oxygen,c)Chlorine,d)Sulphur di oxide.....Ans:D

'Govemment Business' is referred to:... a)Assembly Session,b)Civil Administration,c) Daily affairs of Government,d) None of these....Ans:A

In a rainbow which colour comes between orange and green:...a) Yellow,b) Green,c) Red,d) Blue....Ans:A

'Sudden death' is related:...a) Cricket,b) Foot ball,c) Volley ball,d) Tennis...Ans:B

'Go to Vedas' was made by:...a) Swami Vivekananda,b) Swami Dayananda Saraswathi,c) Ramakrishna Paramahamsa,d) None of these...Ans:B

The first Indian went into the space:...a) Kalpna Chawla,b) R.D. Katari,c) Yuri Gagarin,d) Rakesh Sharma...Ans:D

A western port:...a) Kakinada,b) Paradeep,c) Kandla,d) Dhanushkodi...Ans:C

The Comptroller and Auditor General is appointed by :...a) Supreme Court,b) Election Commission,c) UPSC,d) President of India...Ans:D

7. The last Governor General of Free India:
a) Dr. Rajendra Prasad b) Mount Batton
c) Raja Gopalachari d) Gandhiji....Ans:C

6. The U.N. decided to observe 2008 as: a) International year of planet earth
b) Aforestation,c) Anti poverty,d) Woman's year...Ans:A

5. The'Minamata' disease is caused by:
a) Chromium b) Methyl mercury
c) cadimium d) None of these

4. Western Ghats and North Eastern Himalayas in India has:
a) Tropical deciduous forest
b) Temperate board leaf forest
c) Tropical rain forest
d) Temperate narrow leaf forest

3. Ozone layer is found in the:a) Mesosphere,b) Stratosphere,c) Thermosphere,d) Troposphere....Ans:B

2. The canon of Medicine' was written by:... a) Cladius Galen ,b) Ibnu Bathoota,c) Ibnu Rushdie,d) Avicenna...Ans:D

1. Phosphorus is kept in:...a) Cold water,b) Kerosene,c) Alcohol,d) Ammonia...Ans:A

Largest war plane.....Ans: Mirage (France)

Largest mosque.....Ans:Sha Faisal Mosque (Islamabad)

Largest church.......Ans: St.Peter's Basilica. (Rome)

Angina is a disease of......A)Heart B)liver C)Lings D)Intestine.....Ans:A

who discovered leprosy bacillus?.....A)Jenner B)Ronald Ross C)Louis Paster D)Hanson.....Ans:D

If the father and mother possessing Rh+ve and Rh-ve factors respectively, their children will have the blood group with....A)Rh-ve B)Rh+ve C)Rh neutral D)None of these.....Ans:B

Dynamo: To convert mechanical energy to electrical energy.

Pyknometer : Used to measure the density and coefficient of expansions of liquids

Hydrophone : For recording sound beneath water.

Hydrometer : To calculate the specific gravity of liquids.

Galvanometer : For measuring currents of small magnitude

Eudiometer : It is a glass tube for measuring volume changes in chemical reactions between gases.

Electroscope : To detect the presence of electric charge.

Eco-Sounder : To measure the depth of sea.




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